For me, I really enjoy mentorship of early career people because I was there before. I think the point of mentorship is to give somebody context and viewpoints they don’t otherwise have access to.

Chris Oryschak, Product Manager @ Google

Chris Oryschak

“I think the approach Edith is taking [with mentorship] is good. I like the longer term [relationships] because it takes the pressure off. It makes things more comfortable for both parties. I think if you have a one-off interview it’s good for some sort of tactical issue like, 'I need help with x, can you help think through some solutions that I haven’t thought about.'

But if it’s a long-term ongoing relationship, then you can really get beyond just the platitudes of here’s my giant ambitions for the next five years and here’s some generic advice more towards more tactical things to help you achieve those goals.

The more you [meet] the more you get to know somebody and the more you can actually give them advice for large things as well. Because otherwise if you don’t know somebody - if you’re not comfortable around them - then it’s hard to give anything beyond like platitudinal advice. To me, sustainable and interesting mentorship is where you listen to the person’s problems, see if you have an alignment of your own personal experience or someone you know has experienced, and you give opinions but not solutions. If they decide to do it or not do it that’s not the point, the point is to give them context.