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Edith is not just another fellowship

We believe in the power of investing in people's potential. Behind every successful person is a team of people who believed in them from day one, but not everyone is fortunate to find that team.

The Edith Fellowship is a one of a kind opportunity to partner with an industry professional invested in your success who helps subsidize your student loans through an income share agreement. (International students welcome!)


Mentorship on Edith

Our mentors realize that they’ve had help in their career, and want to pay it forward to the next generation of students. Join our community of mentors to give back and see how one-on-one mentorship can change a student’s life.

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As an international student from Turkey, I'm fortunate to be in the position I am today because of my older friends from Berkeley and my faculty advisors. I think there's a lot of value giving that back to the next generation of students.

Cem Koc

Data Engineer @ Apple

Edith is advancing the higher education space, both in funding and upskilling. It also formalizes mentorship - allowing mentors to see the progress of mentees over a period of time. I'm excited to share my learnings from my experiences to give back and help smoothen the road for mentees.

Leo Lu

VP @ BNY Mellon

Students on Edith

Get a taste for personal mentorship by joining the Edith Community. Forget about advice forums and unsolicited advice – Edith mentors are personally invested in your success and can give specific, relevant advice.

Want to pursue a career in product management? We'll partner you with a product manager. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel - you can learn exactly what worked for them.

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I believe the cycle of mentorship is the best way to give back to our communities, because there's definitely someone out there who's trying to get where you are and can learn from your experiences! Edith takes this a step forward by making global connections accessible to everybody, while creating an ideal environment for growth and networking!

Guneesha Sawhney

UC Berkeley

As an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins interested in many aspects of finance, I wanted to be a part of a program which cares about my future and exposes my peers and me to many career choices.

Michael Hammer

Johns Hopkins University