The Edith Fellowship

Start your career, with a team.

The Edith Fellowship is the only place where you can get long-term mentorship from industry professionals invested in your success. Work 1-on-1 with your dream mentor and watch how your career transforms.

  1. Get Started

    Chat with us

    After you apply, we'll schedule at 20 minute call to learn about your career goals and understand how we can help you.

    Engineer your dream mentor

    Get introductions to mentors in the Edith Fellowship. We work with you to find the perfect mentor to help you achive your career goals.

  2. Accelerate Your Career

    1-on-1 mentorship

    Work with your mentor bi-weekly for a year. Build a relationship and get contextual advice from a mentor who knows you and your career goals.

    A network for the under-networked

    Bootstrap your network with give-first mentors and ambitious students all over the world. No matter if you want to go into tech, finance, or consulting you'll always find a new perspective.

  3. Give Back

    Repay your mentor

    The Edith Income Share Agreement aligns incentives between you and your mentor. Once you graduate and find a job, you repay 1% of your base salary for 1 year to your mentor.

    Pay it forward

    Continue to maintain the relationship with your mentor and restart the cycle by becoming an Edith mentor.

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Who should apply?

What does it cost?

What happens if I don't like my mentor after we're partnered together?

Do I still have to pay if I get a job in a different sector/industry as my mentor?

What is the time commitment?

How long will I have access to the community?