Create your dream team

The Edith Fellowship is the only place where you can get long-term mentorship from industry professionals invested in your success. Work 1-on-1 with an Edith mentor and accelerate your career.

Your door to the world

Landing internships and jobs are an essential but often daunting experience for first-generation students. Everyone talks about referrals, but it can be challenging to build real relationships if you don't already have a strong network.

Step 1

Build your team

After a quick chat with us, we'll introduce you to a couple of potential Edith mentors. Once we find a match, you'll work with your mentor at least once every two weeks for a year to reach your career goals.

Step 2

Get 1-on-1 mentorship

Develop a long-term plan with your mentor, and continually check-in to make sure you're making the appropriate progress. As you build rapport with your mentor over time you'll be able to create plans that are best suited for you.

Step 3

Repay when hired

Once you graduate and find a job, you'll repay your mentor 1% of your base salary for a year for their work. Read more about our income share agreements here.

Hear from our fellows

Edith is one of the very few opportunities that international students can conveniently access to build their network in an unfamiliar country, while also cultivating a community of like-minded students who are going through similar recruitment processes.

Guneesha Sawhney

UC Berkeley

Ready to take your career to the next level?


What does Edith cost?

Instead of charging you anything up front, you’ll repay your mentor 1% of your base salary for 1 year after graduation through something called an income share agreement. Read more about income share agreements here.

What if I don’t like my mentor?

If the student or the mentor feels like it isn't a good pairing after 30 days, we'll match you with another mentor or cancel your ISA completely.

Why use income share agreements (ISAs)?

Some students can’t afford to pay for help while in college, and we believe everyone should have access to mentorship. With an ISA, you only repay once you've found a job AND can afford to do so.