As an international student, we have less choices. There’s nothing for us – if you’re a bright international student, you’re left out to dry.

Fabio Hodo, Operations Research @ Columbia

Fabio Hodo

“I am an engineer interested in business, but I couldn’t find my way into the industry. I realized that talking to people would offer me more insight than just trying to get an internship and ending up not liking it.

For international students, it’s easy to be clueless about industries because you’re not from here. School career services doesn’t usually help as much because people want specialized suggestions and help. You can’t get that because schools are so big.

There’s a whole set of challenges that Edith helps me overcome. With Edith, I can connect to multiple people in multiple industries very easily. I can talk to quants and I don’t have to go to Reddit and look up something. You find things there but it’s not helpful because it’s not specialized or tailored.