September 8th, 2020Nick Chua

Edith Fellowship Kickoff

Last week we held our first Edith Fellowship Kickoff Event! The event was divided into three sections: a networking event, a presentation, and two round tables. All in all, it gave the Fellows a chance to meet other Fellows and Partners while giving some greater context behind the goals and scope of the Fellowship.

The Networking Event

While Fellows and Partners are officially partnered on mostly a one-to-one basis, the networking event allowed Fellows/Partners to meet others in the cohort for the first time. Upon joining the call, Fellows and Partners were randomly paired with other participants for a five minute chat. The chats looked something like the picture below, and continued until we started the presentation.

The Edith Presentation

In addition to welcoming all the Fellows and Partners, Kevin and Nick outlined the long-term goals of the Fellowship. While the cohort is meant to last a year, we hope that Fellows become Partners after graduation and that Partners support one another as they progress or switch careers moving forward. The presentation ended with David Hehman (one of our investors at Underdog Labs) giving some of his thoughts about why he believes in Edith’s mission of supporting undercapitalized students.

You can find a link to the presentation slides below!

Fellowship Presentation

Fellow and Partner Roundtables

After the presentation, we split up into two breakout rooms. Nick talked to the Partners, while Kevin and Ethan talked to the Fellows. The round tables covered role-specific expectations, and were an opportunity for the Partners and Fellows to all meet each other in one room.

The Fellowship official mentorship meetings begin next week - we're super excited to get started! Stay tuned for more news on the Fellowship and keep up to date with our public events. For students who are interested in meeting mentors in the Edith community and potentially becoming a Fellow, you can join the community here. We’re also actively recruiting mentors and Fellowship Partners. To start helping students today, sign up here.

Nick Chua

Nick Chua is the CEO & Co-Founder of Edith. Formerly at Inoca Capital and UChicago Tennis.

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