March 29th, 2021

New Edith Partnership: Alex & Faeez

Excited to have Alex Chercuheril and Faeez Juneja work together as part of the Edith Fellowship. Alex, a senior manager at WeWork, will be helping Faeez break into a strategy consulting role. Hear from Faeez about why he's excited to be working with Alex:

I’m really excited to have Alex as my Edith Mentor because we have so many similarities and I believe he can help me with my immediate and long-term goals.

We’re both South Asians who have been raised in the United States, we have similar interests in international travel, and share the same educational background as we both attended parge, public institutions that are considered “non-targets.” We also happened to join the same South Asian fraternity.

I’m very interested in becoming a strategy consultant and he worked at Deloitte S&O which happens to recruit at my university.

Long-term, I’d love to become a chief growth officer and Alex’s business acumen and experience with mentorship make him a great fit who can help me achieve my goal. He’s already provided some meaningful advice on how to be more organized in selecting my full-time role and I’m so happy to be working with him!

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